Creating your Portfolio page is straightforward but there are a few things I want to draw your attention to...

** Before you start: Prepare your images. A few people have struggled because their images were not...

  • RGB.
  • (Suggested) sRGB colour space, with or without the tag.
  • 8bit.
  • JPGs with the .jpg suffix.

If your images fulfil the criteria above, you won't have any problems with them.

You can upload up to 50 images to your portfolio page. If you click the "Browse" button and then select multiple images, you'll find that bulk uploads are possible but we suggest you just upload ten at a time and save the page between batches just to make sure things are going smoothly.

Remember to add something in the "Alt Text" field. This also acts as the title to your images.

To create your page, log in to the site. Then go to the front page. Right at the top and right at the bottom of the front page you should see a link to create your page. You could even click here...

The Title field.

Every page has to have a title. This will not be displayed but will form part of the URL of your final listing. The pattern of the URL is "" so use something appropriate for your Title. Whatever you put in the Name field will be used under your avatar image as a link to your listing in various places on the site.

The Contact Me section.

You have two options here. Your account has a built-in contact page which visitors will be able to use to send you messages. These will automatically be forwarded to your email address. To link from your listing to this contact page, copy and paste the link from the help text into the URL field as shown in the image below. In the "Link text" field, put "Contact me".

The second option is to paste your email address as shown in the help text into the URL field. This will create a clickable link which will trigger a visitor's email application to open and they will send you an email directly as long as you include the "mailto:" bit. Beware that this exposes your email address and may cause SPAM. We recommend using the contact form.

Contact me image
Copy and paste details as shown above.

Your images.

To upload your portfolio images, just click the "Browse" button and browse your computer to select the appropriate one. It will be re-sized automatically. You can upload up to fifty images.

Be sure to enter the title of the image in the "Alternative text" field. This will appear below the image in the gallery and will also be read by screen-readers and Google.

Alt text
Be sure to give your image a title in the "Alternative text" field.

The top image will be shown first. You can drag the little cross to re-order your images.

Be sure to click "Save" at the bottom of the page to ensure that your listing gets published.

To edit or add to your page

To edit your page, log in, go to "My Account", then "Activity", click on the link to your page and use the "Edit" tab. Remember to Save when you're done.